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[ecf-dev] Upcoming: Europa and Graduation Reviews


The slides for the Europa Release Review are now complete and sent to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx earlier today (Wed May 30th).

Here are the versions sent out

If you have further comments/suggestions please say so, as I will likely reuse these and extend them for the:

ECF 1.0.0 Graduation Review (aka out of incubation and into the fire)

The ECF Graduation Review is scheduled for June 18 8am pacific. The slides must be completed/sent to the emo by June 11th. Here are the docs about the graduation review process:

Committers if you can help with the preparation of the slides for June 11th please let me (Scott) know and I'll be happy to include you/depend upon you for that.

Committers also please concentrate on bugs slated for RC1, RC2, and Final release:

Please do *not* introduce any more features between now and June 29 (Europa release date). Bug Fixes ONLY. If bug fixes turn out to be risky, please bring them up on ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx for discussion about how to deal with them.

One thing I would like to ask of the community to prepare for the graduation review: If you could please make us (ECF project team) aware of your usage of ECF in different contexts (e.g. products, OS projects, other projects, etc) I would appreciate it. It's hard for me to tell, sometimes, what people are using ECF for, and what parts they are using. So if you could send a note to either the newsgroup, ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, or me personally (slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) briefly describing

1) what you are using ECF for
2) what parts of ECF you are using (which APIs, example apps, etc)
3) what areas of ECF you would like to see developed
4) whether you care about divulging this info to the world

This information would be helpful for the graduation review to be able to describe the community development for ECF project since original creation.

Thanksinadvance. I'm really looking forward to getting ECF 1.0.0 established and out part of well as standing on its own.


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