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Re: [ecf-dev] call to ECF action

Hi Ken,

Can't you select the "Accept bug (change status to ASSIGNED)" radio button below the comments section?

If you don't see this or it's greyed out this is some configuration error with your bugzilla all ECF committers should be able to accept bugs and assign them to yourself.

If this doesn't work (for all/any committers) then please send a report to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.



Ken Gilmer wrote:

Scott, I'd like to assign the shared editor bugs to myself but I don't have that option...  Is there another way?


On May 21, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:

Hi Folks,

ECF is approaching's this Wednesday May 23 as per the Europa Simultaneous Release schedule (see ).

Here's the current active bug list for ECF: _status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bugidtype=include&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&classification=Technology&email1=&email2=&emailtype1=substring&emailtype2=substring&field-1-0-0=bug_status&field-1-1-0=classification&field-1-2-0=product&field0-0-0=noop&keywords=&keywords_type=allwords&long_desc=&long_desc_type=allwordssubstr&product=ECF&query_format=advanced&remaction=&short_desc=&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&status_whiteboard=&status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr&type-1-0-0=anyexact&type-1-1-0=anyexact&type-1-2-0=anyexact&type0-0-0=noop&value-1-0-0=NEW%2CASSIGNED&value-1-1-0=Technology&value-1-2-0=ECF&value0-0-0=&votes=&order=bugs.target_milestone%2Cbugs.target_milestone%2Cbugs.version%2Cbugs.bug_id&query_based_on=

Note there are 6 bugs targeted for RC1+1 termination:

135450 2007-05-07 enh P3 All NEW ECF ecf.core 1.0.0 M8/RC1 Create and deploy CruiseControl automated daily, integrat...
166679 2007-05-07 nor P3 All ASSI ECF ecf.core 1.0.0 M8/RC1 Move ECF source into separate plugin
181525 2007-04-28 nor P3 All NEW ECF ecf.core 1.0.0 M8/RC1 [xmpp] Picture data is not being processed correctly
183015 22:24:28 nor P3 PC NEW ECF ecf.core 1.0.0 M8/RC1 Make ECF icons look closer to other Eclipse icons
184655 14:03:02 enh P3 All NEW ECF ecf.core 1.0.0 M8/RC1 Refactor org.eclipse.bittorrent to org.eclipse.ecf.protoc...
186856 14:10:26 nor P3 All NEW ECF ecf.ui 1.0.0 M8/RC1 [ui] Add support for display of xhtml messages

The bugs not assigned already are:

181525, 183015 and 186856.  If you have some spare cycles this week please consider assigning yourself one of these and taking it on.  Obviously some coordination will be necessary so please let the appropriate people know via post to bug about what is needed in terms of spinning up and getting familiar with the state of the bug.



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