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[ecf-dev] Europa release review

Hi Folks,

ECF has the Europa Simultaneous Release review on June 6 (see here for schedule)

I will be putting together a few slides for ECF's part of the release review, but wanted to find out if others would like to contribute to the creation of materials for this review.  Below is the email from Bjorn about the timing (May 30) and necessary content for the release review slides.

Note this is *not* ECF's 1.0.0 graduation review...that is a separate (as yet not scheduled) review.  I would, however, like to reuse all the material put together for the Europa review for the subsequent graduation review.

Thanks...please let me know if you can/would contribute to the creation of some of the review materials.


Europa project leads,
On today's call, we asked me to send around advice on how to prepare your slides for the big Europa Release Review.

(1) Here's the development process page about release reviews:

(2) Your slides (or non-slides) must be sent to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx on or before May 30th.

(3) There are many example slide decks from previous releases (see Here are some of the good ones:
(4) There is no example of the "one minute slide" because last year, for Callisto, we allowed each project 3-4 minutes. You can see those slides in the archive:  This year we're going for "one minute" highlighting - here's what I said in the minutes:

The Release Review is coming up on June 6th. Each project needs to have a complete Release Review slide deck prepared by May 30th (one week in advance) along with a single talking points slide at the front. During the release review itself, each project will be given one short minute (with 20+ projects, that alone makes a 20 minute call) for the talking point slide. The remaining slides will be for archival documentation and as backups for any audience questions.

The talking point slide should cover:

  • any significant new features since the last release (obviously all the projects are going to have lots of new features: a year's worth of new features, but we only have time for the top most significant ones)
  • statement about the quality of the APIs
  • any significant end-of-life issues in this release
  • statement about the IP clearance and licenses in the code
  • statement about the diversity of the committer population

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