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Re: [ecf-dev] Are they defects using ecftcp servers?


Hiroki Kondo wrote:
> Hi all.
> Thanks for reply my mail, Scott.
> I downloaded to read sources from ECF dev resources.
> I found two problems using ecftcp generic server.
> First, key value are same,
> Their values are SOContainer.getName() + ".sharedobjectargs" both.
> So I can't use SOContainer.DEFAULT_OBJECT_ARGTYPE_KEY.
> Second, When one client disconnect from network, server disconnect all
> clients. Because the server catches SocketException, that calls
> SOContainer.disconnect() method from Client.handleException().
> So now I commented to call handler.handleDisconnectEvent() from
> Client.handleException() at local source.

Yes, the second one is a bug introduced by a recent refactoring. I've
created bug for it

For the first I've created bug:

These are small (but irritating) bugs. I think I'll be able to address
them in the next day or so (5.6.2007)

> Excuse me my poor English.I hope this mail to help ECF project.

Yes, it does. Thanks very much for the reports.


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