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Re: [ecf-dev] Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] Sudoku on eRCP!

Hi Chris,

Hm, let's take a look see...

Well, we have org.eclipse.sudoku.core and org.eclipse.sudoku.solver.backtracing which are essentially just standard plug-ins requiring org.eclipse.core.runtime. Although looking at the code now, I think they can be cut down to just implement BundleActivator instead of extending Plugin.

In org.eclipse.sudoku.ui, we have...

Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.ui,
 org.eclipse.ecf.datashare ,,

But ah, you can remove the ecf stuff (although the 'Connect' command is currently coupled with the ui because I was too lazy to figure out how to contribute to IWorkbenchParts in an eRCP context). This can also be cut down more to have the org.eclipse.ercp.eworkbench dep/extension be in a separate plug-in so that org.eclipse.sudoku.ui is just contributing an IViewPart alone.


On 4/27/07, Chris Aniszczyk <zx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What are the dependencies on the eRCP Sudoku client?


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04/27/2007 10:03 AM


[ecf-dev] Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] Sudoku on eRCP!

Hi Mark,

I am not sure where would be an appropriate place for this code to be committed though since a fair amount of code had to be tweaked and the code being used in question is cross-project.

With regards to the bundle, is the eRCP team planning to include it in a future release or is this not going to happen?


On 4/26/07, Mark Rogalski < rogalski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


    I'd like to see the code posted :-)

    "Remy Chi Jian Suen" < remy.suen@xxxxxxxxx>
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    04/26/2007 09:44 AM

    Please respond to
    DSDP ercp list <
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    [dsdp-ercp-dev] Sudoku on eRCP!

    Hi everyone,

    After having hacked on Wayne and Chris's work on the Sudoku plug-in, I
    have managed to get the code running on my iPAQ. Note that this code
    is currently not online anywhere since there were some casualties to
    be had.

    This list is not comprehensive:
    1. Wayne's code had to be un-Java-5-ed.
    2. eRCP does not bundle LogService (the is
    missing), some commenting work had to be done in ECF's code.
    3. Alpha transparency doesn't work on WM2003/2005, so I just drew a
    pink colour instead of drawing a "transparent red colour".
    4. Import-Package failed me (for whatever reasons), so I had to drop
    some xml stuff in ECF's org.eclipse.ecf.provider bundle.

    In true cross-platform spirit, you can see in sudoku-win32.jpg that
    both my machine and the iPAQ is running _identical_ code. In
    sudoku-linux.jpg, the sudoku app being displayed in question is the
    original RCP application (since there is no gtk+ wrapping of eSWT).

    There are still some glitches (such as this infinite loop thingy where
    the updates of the cells keeps going back and forth so you see the
    numbers flip between '1' and '2' repeatedly), but you get the idea. :)


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    dsdp-ercp-dev mailing list


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