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Re: [ecf-dev] IMPORTANT: change in requirements for Conforming Incubation Phase projects


After looking at the new Guidelines (specifically 4-6) this brings up the question:

ECF has plugins in parallel IP approval process (which we refer to internally as IP incubation), and others not in IP incubation (most of them)...although of course the project as a whole is still in the incubation state.  We are currently *not* building/deploying as features or zips the ECF plugins in IP incubation, but are producing milestone builds for the Europa release...only with features/bundles with code that has been approved via IP process.

So question is:  does the naming of zips and features apply to only those features that are in 'IP incubation' or does this apply to every ECF feature/zip produced for Europa?  For all of our plugins that we are currently including in Europa release, they have been IP approved previously.

If this is newly required for all zips/features for projects in incubation, then it seems to me to be pretty onerous for incubation projects and very objectionable.  If just for zips/features that are in the parallel IP process, then it's completely understandable and doable (and, easy for us to comply with if/when we start distributing these plugins in IP incubation).


Anne Jacko wrote:
Hello all,

The requirements for being a Conforming Eclipse project in the Incubation Phase have just expanded. As you all know, being a Conforming project makes your life easier because you can take advantage of the Parallel IP Process and get your code checked in more quickly.

We made this change due to more clarification from the Eclipse Board of Directors. The revised and now current requirements are detailed here:

The changes are simple so it shouldn't take long to make them and maintain your Conforming status. I'll be checking for conformance during the week of May 7. Please let me know if you think you will have a problem making the necessary changes by that date. Thanks in advance for doing this, and let me know if you have any questions. 

Anne Jacko

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