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Re: [ecf-dev] org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer updates

Thanks Chris for sending this...I was just constructing the email about this also.  Must be that you are on central time and had a chance to get your coffee/beverage already :).

Note that it's not necessary to apply the patches on the bug report, as the ECF HEAD already has these patches applied.  You can get all of the needed plugins via the appropratie project set file (anonymous or committer) on this page:


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

Scott and I made some changes lately to the org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer bundle. There is a new extension point now org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.fileTransferProtocolFactory that allows you to plug in additional protocols to the filetransfer bundle. By default, the filetransfer
bundle exposes the VM default schemes (ie., http, file, etc...). There is a new bundle now, org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.httpclient that exposes Apache Commons httpclient functionality (overrides the vm defaults).

See this bug for more information (


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