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[ecf-dev] How do I share object between clients?

Hi all!

Now I want to create a new Eclipse RCP Application.
The Application's goal is sharing schedule between participants of
group, to edit like calendar, using GEF.

So I want to replecate object between Eclipse Clients.
Now I use ecftcp protocol to share the object,
Which can I use ,IChannel or ISharedObject?

I think, IChannel is interface messaging protocol.
IChannel.sendMessage(byte[]) method is to share object's changes.

But ISharedObject is completely to replicate object.
Should I use ISharedObject for this purpose?

When ECF 0.6.0, ECF's Example Application was using GEF and EMF
to share model editor,before I saw.But now I can't find this applicaiton
in the CVS repository. Where is it now?

Thank you for reading this mail.


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