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[ecf-dev] BitTorrent and MSN updates...

Hi everyone,

I've recently added some UI code for BitTorrent and MSN.


This plug-in, as its name implies, provides UI components for file
transfer purposes. You can append transfers to this view via the
static addTransfer(IFileTransfer) method. When the view is opened, it
will iterate over its collection of IFileTransfers and then render
them within a TableViewer. I'm not sure if the pause/resume is really
working right now, so I may comment them out in the future. To update
the UI, you should have your IFileTransferListener call
FileTransferView's update(IFileTransfer) from time to time. Keep in
mind that updates are going to be called from the non-UI thread.

org.eclipse.ecf.provider.bittorrent.ui and org.eclipse.ecf.provider.msn.ui
These plug-ins simply hook onto the wizard extension point and does
their thing. Please note that these plug-ins do not have dependencies
on org.eclipse.ecf.provider and org.eclipse.ecf.provider.msn
respectively, you will need to manually add them in yourself when
testing these plug-ins. Also note that the MSN UI is using
org.eclipse.ecf.presence.ui and not the old code contained within
org.eclipse.ecf.ui or org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab.


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