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Re: [ecf-dev] dependency on Runtime

Hi Jeff,

Jeff McAffer wrote:

I was looking through some of the ECF bundles and noticed that many have a direct dependency on org.eclipse.core.runtime.  ECF is generally useful and some scenarios for its use do not include the Runtime bundle and all the things that it brings with it.  For the most part the dependencies fall into the following categories
- use of Platform for the convenience methods (getExtensionRegistry, ...)
- use of Plugin to get debugging and logging info
- access to classes that are now in org.eclipse.equinox.common

Note that things like the Plugin class are very "out of fashion" and should be avoided.

For the most part these all have simple alternatives that do not involve the Runtime bundle proper.  Where things are not so straightforward the Equinox team is very interested in making them simple :-)  I'd be happy to work with the ECF community to remove the dependencies on Runtime so that we can use ECF in some additional scenarios.

Sure, we can make such changes.  What additional scenarios were you thinking of that would not involve runtime?


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