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[ecf-dev] Skype support started

Hi Folks,

I've started working on support for Skype as an implementer of the ECF call API, and presence API. These plugins are based upon some plugins that I created for the skype4java project, a project to implement the Skype programmatic API in Java.

It won't be finished immediately, but when finished this will allow use/control of Skype voice/chat and presence from within an Eclipse/RCP application. It will also be able to reuse the existing IRC chat UI for engaging in a Skype chat.

The skype4java plugins are currently housed at Sourceforge Japan, and the ECF provider impl and test plugin are currently at This is because of IP rules for and will hopefully be temporary.

Please let me know if you would like to work on/contribute to this either contributor or committer...and we'll work together on it.

See attached for project set files for both committers and non-committers.


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