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[ecf-dev] Call for committer vote: Ted Kubaska

ECF committers,

I would like to nominate Ted Kubaska to join as an ECF project committer.
Ted's, rather impressive, resume is attached.

Ted has worked long and hard to update the ECF Web site to support
the Eclipse Phoenix look and feel, as-well-as Web site compliance with the
Eclipse Project Status Infrastructure (automated project status reporting),
under the direction of Scott and me.

In addition, Ted will be helping Scott and me with PDE headless build
enhancements required for ECF under the upcoming Europa build.

Ted plans are to work on ECF plug-in development too.

All committers:  please vote +1=approve, 0=abstain, -1=disapprove.
Please try to circulate your vote to ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx as quickly as
possible...within 3 days if at all possible.

Pete's vote on Ted:  +1



Attachment: Teds_resume.ZIP
Description: Zip archive

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