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Re: [ecf-dev] prototype ecf web site on ecf2

Ted this looks terrific. 


Ted Kubaska wrote:
I've been working on the ecf2 version of the ECF web site, using ecf2 as a prototype for the ecf web site on

Please take a look at what's there on ecf2. I replaced the gazoo image with an under_construction image on those pages whose content I think needs updating.

In summary …
I updated the plan content with Scott's latest.
I added photos (all that I had), thumbnails that expand when you click on them. In addition I put a "Committer Photos" custom nav on the Team page that displays all the full-size images of committers that I have.
I broke out the content for several pages into topic-specific html pages that we can move to different pages as we organize the site's content. This change should not be visible from just cruising the page but internally what it means is that we have individual html pages for specific topics that we can include in the displayed page. This allows us to move content between pages without duplicataing and to modify content in only one place.
The phoenix navigation code appears to hard-link Users/Getting Started and Contributors/Contributing. And so on the Users page I put a link to our own specific Getting Started with thoughts about what might go there. Same for Contributors.
I was careful to try and maintain xml validation (the earlier version on ecf2 validated well), but haven't verified that I was successful  yet for this latest.

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