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RE: [ecf-dev] error with 'Current text selection does not resolve toa Java element'

No, I tried to open it in an other java class while I am editing, it used to be working, even the auto-completion was working. I reinstalled my Eclipse, reset everything. Browsing the website to try to

 Find if anyone else have this problem, didn’t find any answer, someone pointed out this might be the good place to ask this question.  


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Subject: Re: [ecf-dev] error with 'Current text selection does not resolve toa Java element'


Have you selected a java class in the Types view ?

2007/2/1, Suling Wei <swei@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I am using Eclipse3.2 for a while now, While editing Java classes I
attempt to open a Declaration using the F3 key and get the following

"Current text selection does not resolve to a Java element".

Auto-completion is not working either.

Everything else seems working properly.

Does anyone know what might be the problem?

Thanks very much.

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