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[ecf-dev] CQs for Europa code contributions: Jan 31 deadline

Hi Folks,

The Foundation Legal team has determined that in order to process all the likely IP contribution questionnaires for Europa projects (including ECF), they need to set a deadline of Jan 31 for submission of contributions questionnaires (CQs).

It's necessary to submit a contribution questionnaire for both EPL-licensed and non-EPL (e.g. Apache-licensed) contributions, if they are not works done as an ECF committer. It's also necessary to submit a CQ for reuse of other plugins (e.g. those in the Orbit project and/or those made available in other projects), and for the library dependencies for a given library.

We already have full approval for

IRCLib 1.1.0:
Reuse of httpclient 3.0.1 + dependencies:

ECF currently has a number of CQs entered but not yet approved for

Smack 2.2.1 + dependency: Bittorrent contribution from Remy:
JXTA + dependencies:
MSN protocol impl:

We have the following CQs nearly ready to be submitted:

Shared Code Plugin by Marcelo Mayworm (eta for CQ entry 1/25/07 by Remy Suen)
bbAPI by Erkki Lindpere (eta for CQ entry: 1/27/07 by Scott Lewis)

But the purpose of this email is to find out if anyone else has other contributions to ECF that they would like to get IP approval for prior to the Europa release (June 29, 2007).

If you do, please bring them up with a committer as soon as possible and we'll arrange to enter the CQ...hopefully prior to Jan 31 so that it's approval will be likely before Europa release.



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