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Re: [ecf-dev] Check out the proposed ECF Web site

Hi Chris,

Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

Might I recommend a sexy committers page like PDE's

It's good to put a face with committers / contributors ;)

The only thing to worry about is whether putting our real faces up is actually putting a good face :). The PDE committers at least include one female...unfortunately ECF doesn't have that yet...except for my daughter in a picture with both her and me. She's definately the star.

In any event...+1, let's have a committer/contributor page with pictures. Could all the committers and contributors submit a picture of that size...and maybe we'll just reuse the committers.php from the pde with new pictures.

Chris do you mind receiving the pictures, editing the PDE page, and checking things in? (might want to wait until the pending changes from Ted and Pete are in place...i.e. later this week).


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