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[ecf-dev] Re: MSN coming soon to an embedded device near you...

I realized that Ken had actually emailed me personally, then I
realized I had replied to him personally. I think this question might
be on some people's mind, so I'm forwarding the email to the list.


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From: Remy Suen <remy.suen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Jan 7, 2007 12:19 PM
Subject: Re: [ecf-dev] MSN coming soon to an embedded device near you...
To: Ken Gilmer <kgilmer@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ken,

On 1/6/07, Ken Gilmer <kgilmer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Out of curiosity, why can eRCP apps only be developed in windows?

Good question. If you are not using any UI components, technically, I
do not believe that this should be a problem.

However, once you start using eSWT, development is limited to the
Windows platform. eSWT contains a subset of the APIs offered in SWT in
addition to some mobile widgets that are exclusive to mobile devices
(similar to how J2ME is a subset of J2SE but has its own "mobile
devices API" like the microedition IO classes).

I refer you back to [1] from a long time ago. I just checked out the
QTe port (from CVS) but I do not appear to be find those special
mobile widgets (well, that and there's also the fact that I have build
path errors in Eclipse for whatever reasons, it's missing source
folders, of all things). Even if it did, at the end of the day, no
"official packages" exists for non-Windows OSes [2] at the moment.

[1] -

[2] -



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From: "Remy Suen" < remy.suen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: January 6, 2007 9:11:43 PM JST
To: "Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) developer mailing list." < ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ecf-dev] MSN coming soon to an embedded device near you...
Reply-To: "Eclipse Communication Framework \(ECF\) developer mailing list." < ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi everyone,

I now present proof that all the API breaking that has happened
recently has not gone to waste!

As some of you know, I have been poking at an implementation of the
MSN protocol in Java. While the code itself will compile on
CDC-1.0/F1.0 (thus it is clean to use with the presence API, I have a
provider written actually, a limited amount of testing has gone into
it though, a warning here), an https connections needs to be made, so
additional security libraries will need to be downloaded. An http
connection is supposed to work, but this is a security leak (the
password is being sent to some place for MSN authentication).
Admittedly, I haven't tried using http, but that's what the online
specifications that people have reverse-engineered have claimed.

Since school has started on Wednesday, I'm not sure how much time I'll
be able to devote to this (programming for devices is really, really
hard for one and having to switch to windows for eRCP development is a
pain) since there are some other projects that I have to manage
(notably the BitTorrent one). However, if people feel that this is
more important than BT, then I will gladly divert my efforts on this
project instead.

For the screenshots attached, I am running IBM's J9 CDC-1.1/F1.1 VM
since the security libraries are included with the Foundation 1.1
Profile (although they are "optional" parts, per the JSR).

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