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Re: [ecf-dev] Presence API review

If the protocols support that, the toID should remain. Actually, I
expect that feature to be there, but I haven't actually tried with any
protocols whether this really gets sent to only toID or everyone.

There could be two different methods: sendPresenceUpdate(toID, presence)
sendPresenceUpdate(presence) or something along those lines (maybe
making the method names more explicit).

Thats what I think, anyhow.

Another use case for this could be Mylar and/or Corona integration. It
could show the task you are working on as your presence and you would
want only your team members to see that.

For an IPresenceSender, its name and actual methods don't really align
(well, except for sendPresenceUpdate). But first, looking at
sendPresenceUpdate to change your status (IPresence), I don't think it
should be asking for a fromID and a toID. It's always going to be from
yourself and it should always be to everyone that is subscribed to
you, this is trivial and should be handled on the backend. I do not
want to have to iterate over a Set of my friends to send each of them
a status update, that is ridiculous and code I don't want to have to
write. Adding and removing people should be something that's handled

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