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[ecf-dev] Filetransfer API


Lately I have been using the file transfer API. With the examples available I was able to get up and running quickly. This is cool.

Now I have a few questions/remarks on the APIs.
- Is there a way to know which transports are supported?

- To make the API complete around transfer, I think it would be great to be able to have support for authentication and proxy. For example, the authentication support could be as simple as a callback (an authentication event) asking for username/pwd. As for the proxy I'm not sure what shape it should have.

- I found myself having to hardcode the constant for the generic container and I also saw it in other places. Given that it is the generic/default container, I suggest the addition of a constant in one of the interface.

- IContainer.dispose() has the following note: "This method is not intended to be called by clients". I think that leaving the collection of those objects to the GC is "dangerous" as we never know when it will run. Moreover there are some cases where you know exactly when you are done with the object. So I would suggest to either remove the note or add another method that clients can call.

- The interface IIncomingFileTransferReceiveStartEvent could beneficiate from having a receive method that takes an OutputStream (see attached patch). For completeness a similar method should probably be added to the outgoing API and also on IFileTransferRequestEvent.

- Should not IIncomingFileTransferReceiveStartEvent be a subclass IIncomingFileTransferEvent?


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