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[ecf-dev] ECF - Der Plan for Application Work

Hi Folks,

Now that the configurationWizards and connectWizards extension points are in place, I'm planning for ECF application development prior to 1.0.

In the immediate term, I would like to focus all attention on:

1) Connect wizards for a) XMPP; b) IRC; c) Generic Client; d) Generic Server. Documented in wiki here:

And with bugs listed on that page.

2) Work on Buddy List/Roster View as discussed here (under Requirements and Design ideas):

Please participate by assigning yourself a bug (one of those listed on or by participating in the work on the Buddy List redesign (see wiki page

I would like to have these things for the 0.9.5 release of ECF, targeting 12/15/06.

I'm planning on 0.9.4 for 12/1/06. Will not include the above, but will include new UI configuration and connect extension points, deploy/install fixes, and other bug fixes resulting from API refactoring.


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