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[ecf-dev] Some thoughts (and code) for ECF UI

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let everyone know that I've been adding to org.eclipse.ecf.ui plugin to make it easier to build clients.

I've created two new extension points:

Configuration Wizards:  org.eclipse.ecf.ui.configurationWizards
Connect Wizards:  org.eclipse.ecf.ui.connectWizards

These two extension points allow other plugins to register themselves as providers of wizards for doing configuration and connection. So, for example, if you are building a new provider, and you want to make available a user interface for connecting/authenticating for that provider, then you would register itself as an implementer of the connectWizards extension point with the following in it's plugin.xml:

           name="My Client Connect Wizard">

Note that the class "" must implement the org.eclipse.ecf.ui.IConnectWizard interface. This interface extends IWizard. Also, the containerFactoryName (in this case "") must match the containerFactory name specified in the containerFactory extension for this provider so that there is a 1-1 association between the provider implementation and the provider wizard UI.

So, for example, with this provider you would setup a containerFactory extension like this:

           description="ECF Generic Client"

With these extensions in place, clients can call the following code to open the MyClientConnectWizard:

new ConnectWizardDialog(shell, workbench, new ContainerHolder("", container)).open();

And that's it.

To do IContainer creation and configuration via the registered wizard:

ConfigurationWizardDialog cwd = new ConfigurationWizardDialog(shell, workbench);;
IContainer newContainer = cwd.getResult().getContainer();
if (newContainer != null) // successful

So here's the whole sequence for creating and connecting an arbitrary client, assuming that the provider has setup both configuration and connection wizards with the above extension points

ConfigurationWizardDialog cwd = new ConfigurationWizardDialog(shell, workbench);;
IContainerHolder configurationResult = cwd.getResult();
IContainer newContainer = configurationResult .getContainer();

// setup newContainer with adapters, listeners, etc

new ConnectWizardDialog(shell, workbench, configurationResult).open();

Any thoughts/comments on any of this are welcome. Note that we can now put libraries of wizard creation support classes (e.g. for providers to use) in org.eclipse.ecf.ui.wizards and support actions in org.eclipse.ecf.ui.actions. Then providers will simply pick an existing wizard that we've created for doing configuration or connect...or extend it, or write their own. Thanks to Remy Suen for already providing a connect wizard (org.eclipse.ui.wizards.GenericClientConnectWizard).



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