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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Application -- Your input requested

I was just thinking how a Bulletin Board UI would look like and came
to the conclusion that it should probably be newsreader-like.

Then followed a thought that the news:// protocol could probably be
implemented for BBAPI (maybe requiring a few changes in the API,
though). And implementing that, plus the newsreader-like UI, could
actually really help to focus more on some areas in BBAPI that are
probably not as well covered as others. So I would like to work on
that, firstly as an experiment and if it turns out that it can be done
and is not too complex, I'd like to make it work together with the ECF
application efforts.

So if it works out well, that could mean that the Eclipse newsgroups
could be accessed from within Eclipse! :)

Does anyone have an idea if there are any existing open source Java
news:// protocol implementations?

On 11/7/06, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Folks,

We are going to embark on the creation of a new and better ECF exemplary
application and would like to get input about what this application
could/should include in terms of UI/features, API, and protocol provider

Please if you have thoughts/ideas/opinions about this do the following

a) file a bug/enhancement request here:

b) go to and
create a pointer to the bug you created in 'a' and add further
thoughts/comments on this wiki page.



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