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Re: [ecf-dev] Questions from conf call

On Jun 13, 2006, at 1:25 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:

I am actively pursuing a varient of item 3) with the ECF Generic

Server.  It is an "ECFBridge bundle" , with the goal of making it

protocol agostic as possible and reducing much client coding to OSGi

service calls.  I plan to present a simple implementation example at

EclipseWorld http://www.eclipseworld.net/friday_pm.htm.

I would be glad to share the current bridge design with you, discuss

any changes to the talk you might think appropriate, or collaborate in


Bob would there be any chance that some of this work could be considered for a contribution?  (to foundation under EPL)?  Perhaps we could take parts of this (the OSGI service parts in particular) and include them directly in ECF? (in one of the core plugins...I'm not immediately sure which ones would make sense right now).  Would there be any opportunity for any of us to use/try/examine source for this ecfbridge bundle?

Thanks...sounds exciting.  This would be some real 'meat' for the ECF "Server" subproject in particular.

I have a high level of interest in this as well.  In any case, maybe we should schedule an 'ECF Server' conf call and you can go over what you've done Bob...