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[ecf-dev] Shared Code Project

Hi folks,

I couldn't take part in the ECF conference, sorry about it.

The conference agenda had a Google Summer of Code Projects in the topic, so I would like to introduce myself and list pointing of Shared Code Project.

My name is Marcelo Mayworm, nowadays I'm student in the Masters program in Computer Science from the Rio de Janeiro University of Brazil, where I have been researching about Information Retrieval and Collaboration area of Computation Engineering. Motivated by research in the collaboration area, I made SCP(Shared Code Plug'in) proposal.

@List Pointing
Shared Code project documentation, you can find in the wiki - http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Shared_Code_Plugin. Day in and day out, I have been adding documentation in this wiki, I would like to hear of you your opnion about the SCP wiki.

At the present time:
* SCP user interface were implemented. Screenshots are here http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Screenshots_SCP
* I have been implementing the mechanism to lead with several request that each peer receives and needs to send to requestor the result - http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Shared_Code_Plugin#Communication_Channel

Some next steps:
* Make tests with Eclipse mechanism search(File Search), where I intend adding some regular _expression_ to find source code in the Eclipse workspace that match search criterias.
* Mechanism to add metadata into source code(maybe Eclipse's makers or annotations)

I'm grateful to Scott and Ken for all them help.

If you have some idea/tip/clue to help me in the Shared Code Project, I would like to hear of. Please, contact me directly at mayworm@xxxxxxxxx or mayworm@xxxxxxxx, also IM at mayworm@xxxxxxxxx (Google Talk).