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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Collab Server as an Equinox runtime instance

Hi Ken,

First...cool!  Way to go dude!

Worked exactly as expected.  Is there any interest in creating equinox/osgi-specific releases of ECF? 

There is (interest) on my part.  I would imagine there are others...but would like to hear from them.

It would be very easy to create set of ECF server plugins, roll them up into a feature, and distribute them for running on, say, the equinox servlet container (http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/incubator/server/embedding_in_a_servlet_container.php). 

The current ECF generic server running on ecftcp://ecf.eclipse.org:3282/server is currently running that way (as a set of plugins running under Tomcat and using the equinox servlet container).  To get to this I just installed all the ECF plugins from the SDK within the plugins area under the servlet container bridge...changed the server.xml configuration in org.eclipse.ecf.server/conf directory and wahlah...it runs all the time.

Also, does anyone know if it's possible to specify a "plugins" directory in the config.ini that the osgi runtime will look in for bundle dependencies, rather than having to explicitly define them?

In the equinox servlet container runtime this happens automagically, as the dependencies are read/resolved in the 'equinox/eclipse way'.