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[ecf-dev] ECF Shared Editor - Rough implementation

Hi again -

  Based on my earlier email today, I wrote a rough implementation that works as described.  Here is a tour.

1. First create a text file in a project. 
2. Go to eclipse preferences, team->ECF Editor Sharing.  Adjust connection parameters as necessary. (http://kengilmer.com/shared_editor/s2.jpg)
3. Right click on file and select Team -> Initiate Shared Session  (http://kengilmer.com/shared_editor/s1.jpg)
4. At this point, you have created a shared editor instance.  Now others can connect.
5. Load another instance of eclipse, configure such that they point to the same server and share container names.
6. File->New->Collaboration->Shared Editor Session. (http://kengilmer.com/shared_editor/s3.jpg)
7. The dialog will now show a window asking for local container, and will list all active editor sessions.  These sessions are global to the ECF container name specified in preferences. (http://kengilmer.com/shared_editor/s4.jpg)
8. Select your file.  The editor will be created, and saved to whatever project container is specified.
9. Start typing.  You should see changes on both editors.  (http://kengilmer.com/shared_editor/s5.jpg)

  The plugin is in ECF CVS, and is named org.eclipse.ecf.example.collab.editor.  Not sure if attachments can be sent to the maillist so I'm posting the screenshots here: http://kengilmer.com/shared_editor/

Clearly this is very rough still but is I feel in some primitive sense usable.  Note that it's only currently working for text editors.  I'm still in the process of getting it to work with the Java editor.  Let me know what you think!