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[ecf-dev] ECF 0.7.0

Hi Folks,

Version 0.7.0 stable of ECF is now available at:

The major new addition for 0.7.0 is an ECF 'call' API. This API is still being developed, but the intention is to supply a generic VOIP 'call setup' API for client applications to do call setup via Jingle (JEP-166), SIP, and perhaps other signalling protocols.

See the new API in the plugin. Javadocs for the and packages already are posted here and are included in the ECF programmers guide in the Eclipse help.

There is also a new 'call api' feature included in the set of features available via the update site, and a new call API zip available via download page:

Please comment on the API. The initial provider implementation will most likely be based upon Jingle/JEP-166. Those interested can consult this (still experimental) JEP here:



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