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Re: [ecf-dev] Using ECF for STP project

Hi Karl,

Karl.Reti@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I am a member of the new STP Project PMC (SOA Tools Project) and we have been discussing ways of collaborating in the project and were just about to setup an IRC when I came across the ECF project and was wondering whether it made more sense for us to look at using ECF for our needs?.

Well, you certainly are welcome (and, in fact, encouraged!) to do so. We even have an IRC provider at: (not distributed under EPL because of the library it depends upon).

We don't know much about the project nor what it can do for us, so I was hoping someone could help get us up and running (or point us to information) so we can give it a try ??

Sure...the first thing to do is to download/install ECF (released version: 0.5.5):

Then decide which IM/chat service(s) you wish to use (or multiple if that's what you want to do). Currently with ECF you can connect to/use:

1) XMPP (jabber)
2) XMPP SSL (jabber over ssl)
3) Google Talk (xmpp underneath)
4) IRC (see provider above)
5) YahooIM (soon to be released on
6) ECF 'generic' server (for chat/url sharing/file sharing, basic shared editor support, etc)
7) JMS-based server

The ECF team now has access to a virtual server and bandwidth at, and on that server we are currently running 1, 2, and 6. We can and will setup custom (for your project/people) accounts, buddy list groups, chat rooms, and collaboration groups on the server for projects/project teams such as STP (i.e. foundation projects, committers, etc). We can do this for the XMPP server and/or for the ECF 'generic' server.

Since with ECF you have access to the server code in '6 and 7' you can easily run/change these fact, I would encourage your team to consider adding/contributing to the 6 and/or 7 server implementations (which, although simplistic, are functional and easily extensible...and it could benefit tremendously from work by STP team and proposed Corona project).

We currently can't run an IRC server on, so if you want to use IRC you are, of course, welcome to but it would have to be on one of the public IRC servers (but perhaps you would want both?)

The only caveat is that given that we are a small team (all part timers, and only 6 of us), we can only be so responsive WRT providing service (i.e. config/account mgmt, etc) on So if you have access to server resources specifically for your project team I would suggest that you consider using those...and use ECF-based clients to access/use them.

Thanks Karl. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss in detail or talk about coordination for use of the services.


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