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[ecf-dev] ECF Planning Meeting Notes 11/29/05

Hi Folks,

Here are my (minimalistic) notes from meeting. Please comment as desired/appropriate.

Four major areas of focus for ECF over the coming months:

1) ECF client and services deployment/usage/support
ECF Services: Jive IM server, ECF Generic Server, automated build server, possibly Asterisk server Pete Mackie already has a server plan, and is lead for server mgmt for OSUOSL, Intel, and servers

Datashare2: Peter and Boris leads for datashare2 definition and implementation FileShare: Scott has started definition of API: org.eclipse.ecf.fileshare plugin. Much more to do and provider implementations: e.g. ftp, sftp, etct VOIP: Need to define abstract 'call API' that could be implemented with providers e.g. SIP implementations, Skype, etc

3) Applications
Ward Cunningham/Bjorn Freeman Benson/Eclipse Foundation projects: Want more features around shared editor functionality Support thirdparty application creation (whiteboards, shared graphical editors, app sharing, etc)

4) Recruiting. We need to grow the membership in ECF (committers) to support these three major areas of focus and project growth.

Boris brought up that the support of the EF 'release train' for/by Ward Cunningham is very exciting as it provides a very effective way for ECF to support the use/promotion of Agile open source dev processes among all EF projects. Very true :).

Boris asked about the availability of sending arbitrary data using XMPP provider. Scott indicated that support for that is already present in the org.eclipse.ecf.provider.xmpp plugin (the container exposes ISharedObjectContainer interface).

Peter asked about the participation in ECF of John Patterson and Li-Te Cheng of IBM. Scott indicated that after months of begging and pleading (by Scott) it didn't seem that John or Li-Te would be able to become committers because of their existing work commitment lack of sanction from management chain. This is disappointing, but we should continue to recruit/identify other people skilled/knowledgeable in this area (distributed applications) to join ECF committer and/or project team.


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