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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF conference call reschedule...committers please readand respond


On 11/28/05, Mary Ruddy <mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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Subject: [ecf-dev] ECF conference call reschedule...committers please
readand respond

Hi Folks,

Rather than use, I'm trying to get access to the
Eclipse Foundation conference bridge to have the ECF conference call
(originally proposed for Nov 28th 6pm pacific/Nov 29th 2am GMT), and so
far have not yet been successfull in getting response from Bjorn
Freeman-Benson or Mike Milinkovich about the relevant info (conf bridge
number and password, etc).

I'm hopeful that they will provide access to the bridge, but I right now

(12:27 pacific on Monday) I don't think it's likely to happen in time
for a call this afternoon/evening.

SO, I propose that we *move forward one solar day* the ECF committer
conference call to

Tues, Nov 29, 6pm pacific.   Which means 11/30/2005 2am GMT.

For Boris B, that's:
For Peter N, that's:  -318909.81 according to

For those with access to a computer during the call, lets plan on
connecting to:


Please chime in if this will/won't work for you by responding to this
note.  If we can't get a plurality for tomorrow (Tues), I'll propose Wed

(30th) at same time (6pm pacific), or Thurs (Dec 1 6pm pacific)...but
first things first...please just let us all know if you can/can't do it
tomorrow (Tues) at above time.



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