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Re: [ecf-dev] new feature request

Hi Boris,

Boris Bokowski wrote:

Hi Scott,

I have seen the new class EditorHelper and made minor changes in it.
Great...thanks. I just put the class in place last night (Tues) and was going to continue work on it this evening (Wed) and over the next few days.

Where are the clients of this class?
None yet. My intention was to introduce into EclipseCollabSharedObject a message sender/handler pair that would call the EditorHelper code at appropriate time (i.e. in response to a message with file name/path/selection offset/range to be loaded in editor.aa

If you have any questions about editors etc., feel free to send them my way.
OK, thanks. One question: Do you think that using markers (where we introduce the notion of a marker that is added by a remote user) would work? Or should we just pass around selection offset and range for the time being and scroll/set selection for the time being?




On 11/5/05, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've had a feature request from Ward Cunningham and Bjorn Freeman-Benson
for the collab example that I would like to put in place asap (with some

Feature:  Remotely launch an Eclipse editor on a given workspace
resource.  For example, open the java source editor on a java file.  We
can assume (initially) that the file exists in the target's workspace
(i.e. through CVS or whatever).  Then be able to highlight a particular
section of the launched file.

I've opened a new bug for this:

I (Scott) would like some assistance with working on this feature.  Do
folks have some good pointers (or existing code) for programmatically
interacting with editors within the Eclipse framework?  Boris or others:
do you know where good resources are for such interaction?


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