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[ecf-dev] ECF IRC provider

Hi Folks,

I've finished an initial implementation of an ECF-based IRC provider, which allows chat via an IRC server. It's kind of cool because it uses all the same UI code (ChatRoomView) that is used for XMPP chat.

The plugin has a library with some not-yet-approved-by-EF Apache 2 code implementing the IRC protocol, so for the time being this plugin is stored with other such plugins on the CVS server at That CVS server will soon have pserver anonymous CVS access, but currently has extssh access only for those of you with accounts (Pete, Paul, Dmitry). As soon as the pserver anonymous CVS access is available for ecf1 I'll let everyone know on this list.

For those of you on the committer team please LMK if you want an ssh account on that machine...and we can get you one. They want to use ssh2 with client auth, though, so in addition to username they'll need to get an X.509 certificate from you. In any event, just drop me a note to slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx if you want full read/write access to stuff on and we'll get you going.



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