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[ecf-dev] 0.4.0 stable

Hi Folks,

I'm doing the final preparations today (Sun 9/4) for the 0.4.0 stable release. There are quite a lot of new things: e.g. support for google talk IM, multiuser chat support in xmpp, simplified namespace extension point, simplified IContainer and ContainerFactory APIs, generic server bug fixes, server performance improvements, JMS provider and server initial implementation, etc. I'll produce a more complete list of the changes/improvements today.

If any have an opportunity to get/build the latest from CVS, and do some additional testing (there is an ECF Team multiuser chat group at it would be very helpful. I suspect/expect that the presence/jabber/google/multiuser chat piece of ECF could get a number of users (particularly with the foundation project teams).

Also...I'm going to be interviewed by Ed Burnette for an eclipsezone spotlight feature on ECF: during this next week and so this will drive some attention to the 0.4.0 release (good thing).



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