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[ecf-dev] Notes from 8.30.05 conf call

Hi Folks,

Here are my notes from the call yesterday evening.

Upcoming 0.4.0 release: Ken and Scott will work on completing and hooking up the multiuser chat UI for the XMPP provider and Scott will do a build with Pete's most excellent (tm) automated build Thurs (Sept 1) evening. DSDP: Will need to continue work on support for the DSDP target manager (file transfer initially) aggressively once 0.4.0 is out

Asterisk/VOIP: Eclipse Foundation may soon consider purchasing asterisk hw/sw ( to provide PBX-based services. ECF could provide a SIP-soft-phone (asterisk supports SIP) to allow Eclipse-based phone calls using the asterisk pbx at The foundation is already looking to ECF to provide IM/chat and basic collaboration services in the fall 05 timeframe.

AJAX/ECF example app: The Eclipse embedded browser provides an opportunity to develop an example app that combines the ability to communicate in real-time among multiple users with 'Ajax' applications (e.g. Google Maps). For example, one could imagine a map where navigation and map overlays were remotely controlled/added by other users in an ECF group. WiredReach (Ash Maurya) have already done a fair amount with the embedded browser in their application, and would be in a position to contribute from their codebase, and their expertise to help create such an example app quickly

Non-EPL Contributions Process: The JmDNS discovery provider implementation is in the Foundation review phase. I (Scott) contacted Janet Campbell and asked her about the review process for JmDNS. We (ECF) will soon be submitting a review request for ActiveMQ (JMS). Higgins is waiting on IBM EODM contribution as well. There will be others soon (e.g. SIP implementation). Scott will raise issue of scalability of review process at Sept Board meeting.

Docs/Tutorial: We need additional tutorial docs...for ECF 'hello world' tutorial (started but needs more), provider tutorial, datashare tutorial

In summary: There are a lot of things happening...and a lot of interest in ECF both within and outside the Eclipse Foundation membership (as users and developers). We need to go after the things listed above as aggressively as possible this fall.


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