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[ecf-dev] Welcome to the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) Developers Mailing List

The Eclipse Communications Project Proposal, was approved by the Eclipse Foundation on November 12, 2004. The project has be renamed to the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) residing in the Eclipse Technology Project PMC as an incubator project to develop this framework, reference applications, and supporting tools.

Our new ECF newsgroup '' replaces the previous '' newsgroup We ask that you use the new newsgroup, ',' for ECF dialog and questions, and cease use of the '' newsgroup effective immediately.

We are working to post the ECF source code on the CVS server on or before December 10th. The ECF project Web pages will be launched during approximately the same time frame. At ECF deploy time, we'll announce the availability and the ECF Web site links in this newsgroup.

We ask you to hold your heavy newsgroup dialog and questions until we've posted the ECF code on the CVS server. Every spare developer moment is presently going into getting the source code and related documentation packaged and available for your inspection and evaluation. Answering your detailed questions at this time delays our ECF launch time frame.

We'll announce the ECF launch to this mailing list too, as the code and documentation becomes available.


The ECF Team

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