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[e4-dev] Luna end-game

To be clear about scoping out what gets done in M6 and beyond please be aware that the Platform team already has more work on the existing plan than we possibly have time to address (see

This means that unless the defect / feature is already in the plan it won't get done *unless*there's a Gerrit patch. So if you think that something really needs doing we can help but the development work will have to be done outside the Platform UI group primarily...

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Inactive hide details for Paul Webster ---01/29/2014 08:58:29 AM---There's a compile error in e4 tools.  I've opened *Bug 42688Paul Webster ---01/29/2014 08:58:29 AM---There's a compile error in e4 tools.  I've opened *Bug 426886* <


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01/29/2014 08:58 AM


Re: [e4-dev] 0.16 Build: I20140128-2200 Failed

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There's a compile error in e4 tools.  I've opened
Bug 426886 - Compiler error in

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Paul Webster
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