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Re: [e4-dev] Variables Icon Paths

Hi Tom,

great idea. You may want to check with Brian de Alwis. Yesterday I talked with  Jason van Zyl and he told me that he is looking at that together with Brian. I'm not sure if Brian follows this list actively

Best regards, Lars

2014/1/23 Tom Schindl <tom.schindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

While reading an article from Marc Teufel on an Eclipse 4 application it
reminded me of something I wanted to purpose since some time already (I
also saw a bug flying by to allow one to control the icons via CSS!).

Anyways here we go. The idea is fairly simple and already known from 3.x
where one can use a fixed set of variables in the image paths.

I'd like to extend this to use all variables of the IEclipseContext so
one can write an image URL like this:


What do you think, does this make sense?

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