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[e4-dev] (My) Working areas for 4.3


Now that we got 4.2 out I'd like to share what I plan to work on in the
4.3 timeframe.

Prio 1:
* Native Editor Support in EAP
* JavaFX2 rendering engine (not part of e4 project but my own
  e(fx)clipse project)

Prior 2:
* Dynamic language switching for EAP
  => no static translation resolving via NLS (also important for
     multi-user envs like RAP)
* Allowing to nest an MSashContainer in an MPartStack (378298)
  => Not sure though if an MSashContainer is a good idea because then
     one can there once more nest a stack, do we want that?
  => this will most likely fix 8009
* XPath for contributing and querying

Things I'd consider important too but I don't plan to work on:
* Improving the e4 bridge
* enable e4 programming model for IDE dev (maybe needs e4 bridge)
* refactor code to natively run on e4
  * common navigator?
  * preferences?
  * ui.dialogs?
* e4xmi-Tooling

Do we have a call today?


B e s t S o l u t i o n . a t                        EDV Systemhaus GmbH
tom schindl                 geschäftsführer/CEO
eduard-bodem-gasse 5-7/1   A-6020 innsbruck     fax      ++43 512 935833                      phone    ++43 512 935834

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