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Re: [e4-dev] What not to do for demos

Hi Brian,

I think you can select "Clear Workspace Data " in your Run Configuration. That should have deleted the "deltas.xml" file.

Best regards, Lars

2012/3/16 Brian de Alwis <briandealwis@xxxxxxxxx>
So I did a demo tonight of some of the E4 CSS support, and some of the questions asked about the other nifty features coming in E4.  DI prompted some discussion, but people were also interested to hear about the EMF-based UI model.  So I started to demo what a live model can do by bringing up Tom's live model editor, intending to click on a few toBeRendered and visible flags, and mistakenly clicked on the 'toBeRendered' for the only window…

…which caused Eclipse to exit.  And, since it exited cleanly, the toBeRendered = false was written out to my deltas.xml, and I couldn't just restart from that workspace! (without 'rm .../.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench/deltas.xml').

But the audience was impressed at the power available through the model ;)

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