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[e4-dev] 4.2 SDK Build: I20120309-2200 submission

The build contains the following changes:
+ Bug 348398 - Missing setFocus call on tab selection (FIXED)
+ Bug 351033 - "In Binding View" label for Keys Preferences unexternalized (REOPENED)
+ Bug 361275 - Perspective switcher in another workbench window will not update its tool item (FIXED)
+ Bug 366012 - [EditorMgmt] AFE in SaveablesList.decrementRefCount when closing editor (NEW)
+ Bug 373476 - [Bridge] No UISynchronize installed into root context (FIXED)
+ Bug 373805 - ISelectionProvider of compat layer can lead to a selection which can't be empty (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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