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[e4-dev] What is valid/working E4XMI

Hi Folks,

I'm playing around with Eclipse 4 Application Platform to build a RCP app.
I started off with a PartSashContainer with two stacks with one part each, and everything works.

I then tried modeling some stuff which is allowed in the XMI graphical editor, but does not work at runtime. For example putting a PartSashContainer and a Area in a PartSashContainer rendered correctly, but dragging the sash of the outer container resulted in
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite cannot be cast to

I doubt that everything you can model in the editor is valid XMI. Therefore I wondered whether there is any documentation on what is allowed and what not, using only Eclipse 4.2 , modeled workbench, css and e4 runtime.

Regards, Dimitar

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