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Re: [e4-dev] Using XWT at E4

Thanks for the response from everybody.

As far as the tooling goes, its state really makes no difference to me. I am perfectly fine with using the eclipse/whichever XML editor to code the ui. To be honest, this is also my preferred way e.g. when working with android apps. Many other developers share this opinion, I guess.

The important thing, which I was unable to determine, is what is the recommended "official" approach to coding eclipse 4 UIs. More to the point, are there plans to have XWT engine out of incubator and inside Eclipse 4?

On a side note, Tom's pointers about XTend are very interesting. I will make sure to give this a try. However I don't believe this will catch on in the mainstream. People just do not have the time to learn a new language these days.

Regards, Dimitar

On 2 February 2012 13:04, Yves (Yingmin) YANG <yves.yang@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>- Are these known issues or should I go forward and open bugs?
As for XWT engine, it is mature enough.


Best regards


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Hi Folks,

I just downloaded Juno M5 and installed E4 M5 on top of it in order to build a RCP / Eclipse 4 app.
After playing around with the modeled workbench / application model, I decided to give XWT a try.

- Using XWT designer, dropping stuff from the pallete results in no change of the underlying .xwt file;
- Tried to open the file with "XWT Editor" - the part loads infinitely and nothing happens.

My questions:
- Are these known issues or should I go forward and open bugs?
- Are XWT designer / viewer known to not work and should I stick to editing the XML by hand when using XWT?

Thank you!

Best regards, Dimitar

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