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Re: [e4-dev] Updated auto-tagging for Platform UI in 4.2 and E4 0.12

On 2-Feb-2012, at 2:07 PM, Paul Webster wrote:
> Proposal:  We currently fast-forward merge our integration branch up to master to "release" for our I-builds, which is then picked up by the auto-tagging scripts in the short 4.2 SDK build.  I propose we change autotagging [1] to  tag master, that way a build (like this morning's  I20120202-0615 build) will pick up the latest changes.

Can we turn this off around milestone builds?

I guess in my ideal world, we would always keep master open.  Once we start into an M period, any necessary bug fixes should be committed to the integration branch first and then merged back into master.


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