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Re: [e4-dev] Including Search Console tests in build process and execute them automatically

Thanks Paul!

"auto-tagging" sounds good, but how does it work? says that the script which was used for updating the map files is outdated. Does it mean that the build would consider take the content from the integration branch and updating maps files is no longer required?

Regards, Danail

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Hi Danail

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 6:49 AM, Branekov, Danail
<danail.branekov@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> How do I do that? does not give much
> details on the topic. Should I open a bugzilla to request this?

Sure, please open a bug.

To get search console into the build, you need to provide a search
console feature + the search console test feature that we can add to
the build master feature.  Do you just want us to auto-tag master in
your repo? [1]

To get the source plugins and source feature generated, you will need
sourceTemplate* directories in your feature [2], although that can be
added after you get a build.

We also need to know other eclipse or orbit projects you have as a
dependency (like SWTBot) so we can mirror their repos during the
build. [3]

For each test plugin you want run, you need to provide a test.xml [4]
at the test bundle root (it specifies the TestSuite(s) to run for that
bundle) and have it included in the binary build.  Your test feature
should mark each test plugin as "Unpack the plug-in archive after the
installation".  Then we need to add it to the auto-testing test.xml
e4less [5] target.



Paul Webster
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