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Re: [e4-dev] Do We Need a Book?

Currently i am writing a book on e4, it will be released early this year. But believe its a hell of work to learn a framework-in-progress, collect all the information bits here and there and to write finally. Thats why i need more time than planned to get this book done. Maybe somebody is willing to support me? In this case I am also willing to support you to do something in english because my book is in german language only for the moment ...

More about my book:,id,2,buchid,222,p,0,_language,de.html

Bye, Marc.

2012/1/4 Mike Milinkovich <mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx>



With Eclipse 4 going mainstream in June, it occurs to us that there could very much be a need for some sort of book. I certainly defer to the much greater wisdom of the people here, but something along the lines of the following would be of great value:


  • What is the Eclipse 4 platform? Its motivation, and its benefits.
  • Why Eclipse 4 is a better RCP
  • Backwards compatibility
  • A migration guide on how to move your Eclipse 3.x RCP application or plug-in to native Eclipse 4.


Is there any group of people on this list that would be interested in working on such a book? Calling Lars Vogel, Tom Schindl, Kai Toetder, Eric Moffat, Remy Suen, and I am sure many other potential co-authors!


Mike Milinkovich

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