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Re: [e4-dev] New Worklbench model

On 17.04.10 12.56, Tom Schindl wrote:
Hi Hallvard,

a) It looks like there's a Java-Class generated when looking at our
    model project.

I meant, no concrete class is generated, that can be used as the class to instantiate if a dynamic subclass is created.

b) Can you elaborate why you would want to have a dynamic EClass for
    e.g. ToolItem if you should creat a DirectToolItem or

It was a general comment, not a specific need. I've had this problem in my own models, so I wanted to mention the issue. E.g. TM's Layout class couldn't be abstract, since I wanted to allow dynamic subclasses (i.e. subclasses that would be instantiated directly from an EClass for which there was no generated code). TM uses a reflective renderer driven by annotations, so dynamic subclasses make sense.

Sorry to disturb the discussion with irrelevant comments.


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