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RE: [e4-dev] New Worklbench model

>a) It looks like there's a Java-Class generated when looking at our
   model project.

In EMF, if you model an abstract class without generic type, Java class will
not be generated. I think it is generated because of the generic type. 

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Hi Hallvard,

a) It looks like there's a Java-Class generated when looking at our
   model project.

b) Can you elaborate why you would want to have a dynamic EClass for
   e.g. ToolItem if you should creat a DirectToolItem or


Am 17.04.10 11:46, schrieb Hallvard Trætteberg:
> On 17.04.10 05.23, yves (yingmin) yang wrote:
>> I just noticed several classes become to abstract in workbench model
>> such as ToolITtem, MenuItem etc. Are they expected?
> A quick follow-up: If an EClass is abstract, it cannot be used as the
> direct superclass of a *dynamic* EClass, since there will no be
> generated a Java class to instantiate. So, even if a class is logically
> abstract, it should not always be marked as such.
> Hallvard
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