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[e4-dev] e4 call this week? what's next?

My sense is that a lot of people will be on vacation, and I'm booked into all day meetings on Thursday. Do we want to skip this call? Also, are we back on a bi-weekly schedule now that 0.9 is out?


We've said all along that once 0.9 was released, we were going to do a review to decide where we are and what we should be focusing on. To help guide this, we should enumerate the open questions. Here's a starting list:

Q: What does the "pure" (i.e. without the compatibility layer) workbench look like?

Q: What components will go into Eclipse 4.0 (both from e4, and in terms of additional projects that need to be part of the SDK)?

Q: What components will go into Eclipse 3.6?

Q: How do we handle the workload?

This last question is, I believe, a critical one. There's nothing magic about this: there is a ton of work to be done, and if we can't get lots of people working on it, the result won't be very satisfying. For those of you who are already committing time, thank you; for those of you who are committers who haven't really made any contributions yet: what are you going to do to help?


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