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[e4-dev] [releng] [ui] [xwt] Build Submission: I20090212-1930

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 264065. Add OSGi service context as root of workbench context
chain (FIXED)
+ Bug 264283. [releng] CSS examples not getting tagged (FIXED)
+ Bug 264387. [context] Demo: contexts can't be limited to the
computed values (FIXED)
+ Bug 264402. [context] Default field prefixes (FIXED)
+ Bug 264408. [context] Fix case-sensitivity matching for injection (REOPENED)
+ Bug 264431. [context] Fixes for dynamic behavior - additions (FIXED)
+ Bug 264539. [context] Fixes for dynamic behavior - removals (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

And XWT, updated but apparently with nothing :-)

The map file has been updated.

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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