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Re: [e4-dev] Declarative UI in E4

Tom Schindl wrote on 02/05/2009 11:08:38 AM:

> Steve Northover schrieb:
> >
> > I have thought about b) for quite a while now.  Ignoring the
> > implementation details (which can be hairy depending on the platform),
> > this solution only works for untyped listeners.  Is that good enough?  I
> Untyped is good enough for me and I think the CSS people agree with me.
> > don't think that a) or c) are in the cards because they break API by
> > breaking behavior.  Put another way, it we start sending events when
> > properties are changed programatically, Eclipse will go down in flames.
> >
> Agreed we can simply start sending events!

"Can" or "can not"? If you agree with Steve, probably "can not", right?


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